Organizing Committee Required

Updated Monday January 29, 2018 by Gilkson Sports.

Organizing committee required for 2018 Season,

Hello Gilkson soccer community.  This email is sent to inform the community that a committee of volunteers is necessary to establish itself in order for the 2018 season to commence.  The committee is to meet and coordinate itself on February 11th (location and time being finalized) in order to promptly initiate 2018 registration. 

Our league consists of 50 teams and well over 500 players, not to mention all the referees, coaches, and all the family members of each player.  In 2016, the Gilkson community voted with 69% in favour of remaining an independent local community league.  Unfortunately, last season showed a further decrease in the number of volunteers from the families in our league willing to give of their time to maintain this league.  I am very thankful to the parents and guardians who donated their time and effort to coach (sometimes multiple teams) at Gilkson.  Unfortunately, the league had to be managed by 2 volunteers last season, and that does not cover the substantial tasks that are required to operate a sizable league.  These concerns were raised at the recent board of directors meeting and a motion was put forward and passed for the necessity of a committee to be formed to operate any sports league through the Gilkson Community Association. 

So, in short, the operation of the league this year is dependent on volunteers coming forward to create a committee to work together to manage all the tasks required.  Some of these tasks include registration, scheduling, team creation, fund raising, referee coordination, etc.  I personally will not be continuing to manage the daily operations of the soccer league; however, I will remain within any formed committee to assist.  Anyone whom would like to volunteer shall inform myself via email to prior to February 5th.  The committee will meet on the Feb 11th to organize themselves. 

Regards, Shawn Boecker